15 November 2010


Rain, rain, go away. I want to photograph my handmade items today...

My planned day trip to the forest in Leiden, South Holland was rained out :-( My partner Yves and I looked out the window all day at the blustering wind and menacing skies of Holland, stuck inside until sunset. With a break in the rain at last, we darted off to a park not too far away. My little handmade garland and handpainted glass bulbs braved the wind and the wet trees, and we got just a few shots before the last bits of sun left us. Oh Holland, why do you rain so much?

I have a new Canon Rebel T2i and some studio lighting in my atelier, so I managed to get just a few things photographed to put into my Etsy shop. The flower garland is my favorite, with flowers made of felt and fabric and button centers, folded and foxed antique Dutch encyclopedia pages, and beautiful wool pom-poms.



  1. Well the photos turned out just fine! I love the glow of the sunset on the beautiful garland, your hair and the boat.

    I see the Bordeaux red painted ornaments embedded in unpainted, olive green ones. Do you have any plans yet for the green ornaments? What will the handpainted decorations be?

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments ;-) We have some camera owner manual reading to do before our next photo shoot, but we did get a few nice shots...

    On the green glass bulbs, I'd like to paint some old time German folk designs. I'm looking for some old German books - maybe at the next antique book fair - to find the most classic designs.

  3. Very nice Laurie! You are looking good! Holland is treating you well. Read your blogs! Congrats on the new Etsy site. Love your work - beautiful!

    1. Thanks Murph ;-) I've actually just moved from Holland to Norway, where I've started an art & design company. Keep an eye out for my new website & blog this fall.

    2. Will do! Great to see you pursuing your dreams and just enjoying life! Love to hear more about your new business and all of your worldly adventures sometime!

      Være sant for deg selv og dine drømmer!Lykke til!